AlmaAtPorto – Turismo e Animação Lda, with the tourism permit nº 428/2016, is a tourism company whose main purpose is the development and implementation of touristic activities, of leisure and recreational times, namely guided tours, cultural events, exhibitions, workshops, leisure activities, artistic and cultural itineraries. We offer recreational and sports equipment rental services, namely bicycles, electric scooters and Segways. We also offer local products, souvenirs and handicrafts.

ALMAATPORTO is located in the Street of Miragaia Nº 93, city of Porto, inside the multicultural place called Armazém,  a new cultural and recreational hub of the city. We operate in the city´s main touristic zone, right in the HEART of the historical area of Porto.

Our vision is to offer entertaining and fair solutions, precise and accurate on the information provided, representing a high value and satisfaction for our visitors. We commit ourselves to develop and implement creative, distinctive, cheerful, innovative and sustainable activities.

It is also our purpose to promote domestic tourism and to share the knowledge of the city of Porto and its fantastic history, involving the local community in our actions. We intend to contribute to the cultural enrichment of ALL who visit us.

Our essence is based on offering differentiated and creative products. We stand out for the originality and customized offer of services and for greater proximity, interactivity and knowledge of those who visit us. We intend to create bonds with our customers and that they feel connected with our city and country. We treat our customers as we would wish to be treated.

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